We're the Order of the Hidden Eye, and we glitch games!


•Absolutely NO hacking is tolerated whatsoever. You will immediately be removed from the group and reported through the proper channels.

•Refrain from malevolent misuse of glitches and exploits. This includes but is not limited to actions such as using your knowledge to camp a person's corpse and having an unfair gain such as in PvP (Shooting from behind walls, pulling players under the ground, etc).

•Please try not to bring glitches to the attention of the public audience to an extreme. This means no spamming about a glitch to a large amount of players, especially when they aren't able to /ignore you (Opposite faction's cities), or where it is unwanted.

•Do not PK, threaten to report or blackmail another member or ally if they do not or cannot do something for you.This includes poaching members from other guilds for our group.

•Avoid the use of severely vulgar or lewd language in the forums or any of our websites. In voice it is one thing, but documented text is an alternate matter.

•We only PK declared enemies and, to your personal discretion, individuals that have been known to PK or may pose a threat. Groups of individuals not in a guild may be considered a threat with individual players being much less so a threat.

•Do not camp players unless they are repeated PKers (Hades, Pooseyslayer, etc). This means within graveyards, inns and starter zones like Elwynn Forest.

•We do not enforce any form of tax on players in leveling zones.

•Do not scam players of items.

•Do not spam the Discord or forums. (audibly or textually).

•Sharing our Discord an and website is permissible; sharing confidential guild information outside of our alliance is not allowed.

This set of rules aside, please do use your best judgement regarding issues that could be considered unsavory and act responsibly. Appropriate action will depend on the severity of infraction, ranging from a verbal warning to a /gkick and addition to KoS. Of all things, however, most importantly is to have fun!