We're the Order of the Hidden Eye, and we glitch games!


Hello and welcome to the Order of the Hidden Eye's official website. Each website will be chained to all of the others so that you'll never get lost swimming around the folds of the interweb. Our site contains many interesting things about gltiches and exploits such as pictures, forums, and much more!

If you find yourself interested in joining the ranks of our group, feel free to register with us on any of our main sites. All you have to do is submit an application and answer a few simple questions. We hope you enjoy your visit to our websites and find everything you need.


Registration is now automatic, so there is no longer a delay period for access to the website, so you can get start whenever you're ready. Just make sure to check your email please. Thank you, welcome, and enjoy!


The Alpha to the next expansion Cataclysm has been leaked, and guess who came running with a bucket? Should you be interested in looking into what has been revealed so far, please request so within the video on our YouTube that will be up on Monday, May 10, 2010.

Glitches, anyone?


Well, many members (and myself) have noticed how quiet it's been lately around the websites. I haven't heard a peep from anyone about anything. I am honestly fresh out of ideas on what glitches to do, or what events to hold. Remember: this is a community! I'm good at glitches, but that's about it; I can't pull ideas out of my magical hood of wonders. Lol. But joking aside, I've been bored out of my skull. As I've said, I love making new videos, but I've run out of new material. I would be SO HAPPY if someone were post some new ideas up on the web.

 I want everyone to pilfer through the videos I've done on YouTube, and tell me a glitch I haven't done yet. I PROMISE that, if I haven't filmed it, I will, and I will make it my duty to recognize you for pointing that out. =D

If you have a personal goal to find a new glitch before I do, then by all means, fufill that wish! Don't forget to look inside the links and depths of this website. It's filled with lots of juicy clues! And REMEMBER that Cataclysm's coming up, and we want to be the ones to say, "Ya, we were there.". If you need any more tips, please ask. I'll do my best to help.


Expansion 3: cataclysm

As many of you have heard, Blizzard plans on releasing a new expansion called Cataclysm. In case you have not heard about it, go here. One thing that troubles me though, is the fact that flying mounts will be released in Azeroth. With this, the landscape will take on a completely new look. NOTHING will be the same, and this includes the geometrical glitches we are so fond of.

 Although, with every fix, there are new glitches, this will ultimately remove exploration as far as we know it. We will only be able to 'explore' in the same sense within instances. This is why I am urging EVERYONE to learn about the Otherworld glitch, and to explore every last bit of land before it is changed forever. Film and find anything and everything you can, before it is too late.

Recent changes and additions [NEW!!!]

NEWEST: Well, it was great, everyone! Who wants another event? OH, OH, I DO, I DO! I can't think of anything for it though. Think you have the brains for it? Put it in the forums! I'll take anything reasonable if we all like it! GO GO GO! DO EET NAO!

NEW: We have added a new chat feature to the website, so whenever another member is in the chat room you may speak to him or her.


Hello everyone. Its been a while since an update was last made to the site, and I appologize for that. I have been preoccupied as only a some of you may know, but I'm always trying to juggle things around. With 'The Return' coming up, I have been making some preperations and informing people on things. I've also tried to spread word of our group on MMOwned, and it's had great success. Our YouTube profile has 72 subscribers as of this moment, and I have a rostered +120 people in the Order of the Hidden Eye, so I definitely know that people have been paying attention.


I've had a 'writer's block' as far as video-production is concerned, so I haven't made any videos in a while. Eldigreat, Serj, Imaketwinks, Bubbafan, Tepidus, and I have been researching into how to get to the fabled Game Master Island. We're so close, yet so far from getting there. Without wallclimbing, a vital last-ingrediant is missing.


I have been thinking of producing a set of videos pertaining to Otherworld, showcasing it, its potential, and how to replicate it. I'm looking for a safe and secure website to put it on, so that members may view it, but to have it out of sight from being Googled. If anyone has a website that could fufill this, please let us know when you can. It would be very much appriciated.


As stated earlier, I have been enormously busy. Among these things, I've been prowling other websites pertaining to glitches. Between my work, WoW, and everything else, I don't have much time. What I was hoping to do was actually make 'official' positions that perhaps people could occupy, should they want to aid to the cause. The following positions are needed:

-Website Manager / Forum Manager 

-Website Designing / Programming 

-Video-Graphic Designing (I.e: Someone with SonyVegas for glitch videos)

 -(EU) OotHE Coordinator and Staff

So far, I have Predd helping me edit videos, although he's only one person, and isn't always neccesarily online. If you would like to see the Order of the Hidden Eye look more 'together' and tidy, and could possibly assist in one or more of the above, please contact me at: 


 Thank you all so much for everything that you do, or would do if you could. I'm not trying to seem as if I'm showboating, but the Order of the Hidden Eye is perhaps the most recognizable glitching community, and I want people to know that we are just that. A group of gamers who take pride and interest in a common thing. That's the important thing.


      -Nachtsuchen, (US) Chancellor for the Order of the Hidden Eye

Hitting the ground running...


Well everyone, I have decided that I'm coming back to World of Warcraft in July! My old computer was killed by the latest 3.0.9 patch, but I will be getting a brand new computer. When I do, there will be a lot of changes in the Order of the Hidden Eye. For example:


-We will finally come to a decision on what servers will be entitled the 'Glitch Hotspot Servers' for US and EU.

-I will produce more higher-quality videos, and hopefully more members will do the same once our YouTube profile information is given out our trusted and adventerous explorers.

-There will be more player events and meetings that will be taken place both ingame and in Ventrillo to maintain a more organized community.

-I will try to come up with some form of ranking system as to inspire aspiring explorers, and each rank will have special benefits. As to what those benefits are, I will have to get creative. :)

-Some members will be requested to join the DIAC (Department of Interserver Assistance and Communications) and assist the community. Please visit our Guildportal site for more information on the subject.

-There will be a NEW LEADER heading the (EU) Server branch of the Order of the Hidden Eye. If you feel you may have the potential to fill this role, please contact me personally. This will be discussed in more detail later on...


I hope that the Order of the Hidden Eye will continue to be as much of a successful glitch and exploration group as it has been. I want to personally thank each and every one of you for doing your part to help it stay that way. Until the next time, take care everyone.

 *Nachtsuchen, Chancellor of the OotHE (US)*

We thought you should know...

 This is where news wil be put up about certain events and about everything that has happened lately.

As of this post, the glitching community has been a tad bit quiet. Nothing new has happened to our knowledge, and we're just twidling our thumbs, leveling our characters that aren't yet already level 80. Personally, I (Nachtsuchen) am content with my Death Knight being 70 for a little bit. Hehe. Anyways, if anyone has any ideas on new glitches or new and interesting ways on how to do old glitches, please let us know so we can get back into action! Remember, you can post about Glitches and Exploits under 'Wrath of the Glitch King' in the Forums section. We hope to hear from you and your adventures soon!

 -Your Bud, Nachtsuchen (Nacho)