We're the Order of the Hidden Eye, and we glitch games!

The Order of the Hidden Eye

       Once, in a time long ago, a player named Nachtsuchen began to realize the beauty of what life had to offer, and he began to share it with others undescriminantly. Each day, he pondered the meaning of such things, ultimately coming to the conclusion that such questions are irrelevant, and that their existance is all that would matter, so as long as they continued to bring joy to those who saw them. From there, a flowering Order of the Hidden Eye had taken in all the light it could possibly hold, and once the sun had begun to set, its petals had withdrawn into itself. While no longer a scent wafts through the air from this flower, many others have arisen to give birth to a glorious meadow.

            No matter where you are, there will always be life to charish. Thank you, everyone, for everything you've done. It was most certainly the most fun anyone could ever ask for, I wouldn't give up a second of it. We will always remember the times shared, the laughs had and the feelings felt. If you ever find yourself doubting, look back to the good times, forward to the good times to come, and at the present, and take note of everything and everyone you have, for they may not be there forever. But always keep them in your memories.